Contest Time!

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Contest Time!

Postby hoocli » Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:36 pm

Hey Guys

Time for abit of competition to get the CanadianAgForum Going. The winner of this contest will be awarded $100 cash. We hope to be able to offer larger prizes in the future.


In short, Register, refer 2 people, make a post and respond to other posts.

It will take a bit of effort to win.

- You must be registered on the forum, guest accounts don't count. To register click here

- You need to start at least 1 new thread with atleast 3 decent responses. The 3 responses must be 3 different people. It doesn't matter what it is about as long as its farming related

- You need to have a minimum of a 5 post count. This can be done by creating a new thread or responding to someone elses.

- You need to refer at least 2 people to this forum. For your referral link click here. Simply copy and paste the link and send it to your friends / family / facebook and if they register using your link it counts towards your referrals. If you make fake accounts to get referrals or use bots or other methods of cheating you will be disqualified from the contest.

- Once complete, reply to this contest thread that you have completed the requirements.

- You can refer more then 2 people, anything on top of the 2 people will count as an additional 1 chance to win. That person must complete all of the above for that referral to count for an extra chance. Your first 2 referrals don't count as extra chances to win.

- Must be a Canadian / Canadian Address

- Contest is running until seeding is "complete" I'll be keeping my ears to the news listening for when 95% or so is done. I will then update the page giving you say 5 more days to complete it.

- At the end I will take everyone's username who completed the requirements and any extra entries and one person will randomly be selected.


Secondary Prize

The person who has the most valid referrals will win a knife.


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